Sign in/out policy

Child Safety Policy for Creative Workshops

Sign in / Sign Out Protocol

All children must be signed in and out of Creative Workshops as follows: 

  1. Morning Classes 8.00 am – 9.00 am

If your child attends Creative Workshops in the morning then you (or your child’s appointed carer) must sign them in with the Tutor.  They will not be allowed in to the class unless signed in.

You (or your appointed carer) are not required to sign your child out of morning classes.

  1. Afternoon classes 3.20 pm -4.30 pm

If your child attends a class starting straight after school you are not required to sign your child in. 

However, please note that neither the school, nor the P&C or the tutors assume any responsibility for your child from 3.15 pm – 3.20 pm. Please ask your child to make their way to the classroom at 3.15pm and wait quietly outside until the tutor arrives at 3.20 pm to start setting up. The roll will be taken.

All children must be signed out from the classes at the conclusion.

If your child continues on to another Creative Workshop the Tutor will escort your child and sign in on your behalf.

The tutors would also appreciate it if parents (carers) could please gather outside of the classrooms 5 minutes before class finishes as some of the tutors have other classes to teach and cannot afford to stay past the finish time of the class. Late fees apply.

  1. Afternoon classes 4.30 pm -5.30 pm

If your child attends a class starting at 4.30 pm you (or your appointed carer) are always required to sign your child in and out. 

Children attending a 4.30pm workshop may not wait at school unaccompanied for this class to begin as the school will not allow this.

Sign in out policy (Chinese translation)

Thank you for your co-operation.