FAQs for Creative Workshops 常见问答

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Service NSW Vouchers

Can I use Creative Kids OR Active Kids voucher for Creative Workshops?

We accept Creative Kids Voucher but we are NOT eligible for Active Kids Voucher. We don’t have the ability to automatically reduce the total fee with the voucher at present. Please pay the full amount and a refund will be processed once Service NSW confirms the voucher.

Make the most of your Creative Kids Vouchers! Check out our eligible classes below.

  • Relaxation arts and crafts
  • Art with Kari
  • Drama
  • Coding
  • Minecraft mania!
  • Keyboard/Piano Lessons
  • Guitar and Bass Lessons
  • Vocal coaching
  • Ballet & Jazz Dance
  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • Bricks4Kidz
  • Film Making

Please be aware that the Creative Kids vouchers can only be used for the programs listed above and the remaining programs such as Chess is not eligible activities within the Creative Kids program.

Can I use NSW Before and After School Care $500 Voucher Scheme for Creative Workshops? 

No, we are not registered as Before and After School Care so we are not eligible for that voucher. 

Why can’t I use Active kids Vouchers?

Creative Workshops did not meet Service NSW requirement as an active kids provider hence we are not allowed to claim it. Active Kids vouchers cannot be used for after-school care services and tutors as specified by Service NSW. 

When will I get refunded for my Creative Kids Voucher?

Each Creative Voucher will need to be manually claimed from Service NSW. Processing will be done in Week 3 and 4 of the school term so you will get your $100 refund in Week 5 or 6. We thank you for your patience!


I have some questions regarding the classes offered. How do I contact the service provider?

Click here for the service provider’s contact details:

Contact List

I have some questions regarding enrolments

Please email lepscreativeworkshops@gmail.com

Enrolments and Refunds

Age (year group) requirement: Kindy child 

If you as a parent, feels that your child will not be too tired during and after school and are independent,  some classes such as Bricks4kids, soccer, arts and crafts and dance will take on kindy kids. However, Kindergarten aged children are not encouraged to take classes in Term 1 & 2. We have found that the long school day, limits their ability to concentrate into the late afternoon. If you are considering enrolling your child in a Creative Workshops programme, please consult your child’s teacher first, as we are not able to offer refunds.

For other classes, best to contact the service provider directly. 

What is the perfect age for my child to start a Creative Workshops class?

There is a recommended age group for every course. Please refer to the Course Guide.

What types of payments you accept?

We accept credit card payment online through www.trybooking.com. Trybooking booking link changes every term so please check our main page for details.

How are course places allocated?

Bookings are taken on a first in first served basis.

Do you offer refunds?

There will be NO REFUNDS and no changes to course preferences, dates or times accepted unless the course is cancelled. Creative Workshops run at a low profit margin to make it affordable for the parents of LEPS. Hence, some workshops does not make any profit if even only one less student is enrolled.

Some considerations may be given under exceptional circumstances, at the absolute discretion of Creative Workshops.

Try the first lesson for free (Week 1 only)

For Week 1 of every Creative Workshops term, Your child is welcome to try any classes (age appropriate) in the first week for free EXCEPT tennis and Bricks 4 Kids (subject to change).  There is no need to book, just turn up! For kindergarten kids, it is highly recommended that you show your child where to go after class in the first week. 

If you decide to enrol your child after the first week, you will be charged the FULL term fee. 

Can I enrol my child, after the course commencement date?

Yes, bookings can be made after the course commencement dates. However, the student will be
charged for the entire term, regardless of when they commenced the course.

Once I have booked, can I guarantee the course is going to go ahead?

The P&C reserves the right to cancel the course if there are insufficient number of students enrolled. Some service providers specify a minimum number of students for the class to go ahead. If the course is
cancelled, we will notify you as soon as possible and arrange a refund. 

Workshop Location – where do my child go for his/her workshop/s?

Your child should go to the classroom directly after school. Room locations/numbers are shown on Creative Workshops TIMETABLE. The timetable is frequently updated.

To see the school map, go here.

Why do we cancel some classes?

Some service providers specify a  minimum number of students required before it is worth their while to come to the school for a one hour lesson. We try to minimise class cancellations however, it is up to the service providers to decide. So parents, please check the website for class cancellations especially before/during the first week of workshops! 

Class cancellations: will parents be notified?

We will send out a newsletter prior to the first week of Creative Workshops (usually Sunday right before the start of Creative Workshops) as well as update this website please check the main page for any class cancellations. So do check the website frequently, it’s free! 

Trybooking fees and charges

 We understand that Trybooking charges are annoying (we hate fees and charges too!). Unfortunately, Trybooking charges are out of our control.

I have some questions regarding enrolments

Please email lepscreativeworkshops@gmail.com

Enrolment end date

Enrolment will close two weeks after the start of the term for Creative Workshops. PLEASE NOTE: Creative Workshops run at different start and end dates to the school term. Creative Workshops term is negotiated with the school at the start of the year. During Term 4, Creative Workshops finishes at the first week of December to cater for school presentation days and assemblies.

TIPS: for younger students

Some parents will write a note with the workshop and classroom location for their child/children to show their teacher/admin staff in case they forget where they are supposed to go on the day (which happens quite often after a long day at school!)

Sign in/out and Pickup 

Do I need to sign in and sign out my child from Creative Workshops classes?

Yes, please sign your child in for the MORNING workshops. Please do not leave your child at school before 7.55am for the morning workshops!

Do I need to sign in at 3.15 pm?

No. The class roll will be taken at 3.20 pm by your child’s tutor. If we are expecting your child and they have not arrived, the tutor will call you. So if your child is not attending any workshops, please let the tutors know. All tutor contact details are available on our website https://lepspandc.asn.au/term-2-2022/

For after school workshops. students will go to their after school workshops by themselves. For kindy kids, please let your class teacher know if your child is going to a workshop after school.

Do I pick up my child from the classroom or the school gate for afternoon workshops?

For Morning workshops, your child will go to he/her classsroom after 9AM. For Afternoon workshops, please pick up your child from the classroom (not from the school gates). Why? It’s because there could be only one tutor in each workshop and he/she is responsible in making sure each child gets picked up. This is our duty of care!

The tutors would appreciate if parents (carers) could please gather outside of the classrooms 5 minutes before class finishes as some of the tutors have other classes to teach and cannot afford to stay past the finish time of the class. Late fees of $15 per 10 minutes apply. 

Late Pickup and Charges

What should I do, if I cannot pick up my child at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances,
such as illness or an accident?

Phone your child’s tutor and notify them. You should always have your tutor’s contact details. Contact details for all our Tutors can be found here.

Your tutor will suggest that you make alternative arrangements for your child to be collected and
signed out by a friend’s parent, family member or carer.

What happens if I am running late?

If you are running late, please organise a friend’s parent, family member or carer to collect your
child. If this is not possible, please phone your child’s tutor as soon as possible. Out of respect for
our tutors who are required to stay with your child until you collect them, we ask that you take all
steps to ensure that you do not arrive late.

A late fee is payable for all late collections. The first fifteen minutes will be free of charge and the
amount of $25 will be charged after that.

How does my child get to and from creative workshops classes?

Parents are responsible for getting children to and from Creative Workshops (including to/from BASC). You can liaise with BASC to pick up your children from Creative Workshops but please discuss this with BASC directly. Contact BASC here: centredirector@lindfieldeastbasc.com.au

Children attending sports classes at Tryon Road are walked back to school by the coaches.

Can I drop my child off at the school before 8 AM?

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to workshop start time. For the morning sessions, there is no teacher supervision at school before 8 AM. 

What should my child wear? What equipment or instrument does my child require?

If your child is doing tennis, please bring a racquet.

For Friday PM ballet and jazz workshop, please prepare pink/soft colour ballet leotard, leggings, dance tutu, soft ballet shoes.

For coding, minecraft and film making – no laptops are required. All equipment will be provided.

For keyboard and guitar, all instruments will be provided.

Please contact the workshop Tutor with any questions relating to the structure of the course.

How will I be contacted by Creative Workshops?

Tutors will contact parents by phone and/or email. Tutors are given two contact phone numbers as part of the class role. Unexpected changes in time or venue will usually be advertised on skoolbag
and/or via email. You are responsible for ensuring that your contact numbers/email addresses are kept up to date. Please email any changes to lepscreativeworkshops@gmail.com.

Other FAQs

🌧Wet Weather 🌧– Do outdoor classes run in the event of wet weather?

Classes are on rain, hail or shine! However, **** Please DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD to tennis/classroom 2 after 8.15am. The coach might not be there if no students turn up prior to 8.15am. ****

For tennis students, in wet weather, tennis students are now allocated Classroom 2 in the event of wet weather. Kids will be supervised but no tennis lesson will be conducted in the classroom.


Please meet at the silver seats (opposite the school hall)


Please meet outside the school office.

What conduct is expected by my child before, during and after a Creative Workshops class?

The Care & Respect Code of Behaviour applies to Creative Workshops students. Any abusive behaviour by either parents or students will result in the student’s exclusion for the remainder of the
course, with all monies paid being forfeited.

Do Creative Workshops run on Public Holidays, all day stop work meetings or other unforeseen
school cancellations?

Classes are not held on these days. Course fees are charged pro rata to account for public holidays and student free days. If in doubt, please check our website or email

About Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops was founded in 2008 by the LEPS P&C and was initiated by a LEPS mum, who struggled to find great after school activities for her kids. It began with a few classes and has grown
to include sports, music & drama, creative, tech classes with over 450 students enrolled. 

Creative Workshops is managed by LEPS P&C who are often mums who work casually so be please be kind and patient. 

Creative Workshops runs at a low profit margin with the aim of providing quality workshops for the students of LEPS. Hence, we try minimise overhead cost to reduce the financial burden on the parents. That is also why we cannot offer any siblings discount or multiple enrolment discount.

Is there a Creative Workshops office at LEPS?

Creative Workshops does not have an office at LEPS. However, the school office can provide assistance up to 5pm. 

How do I get involved in Creative Workshops?

We’re are looking for passionate volunteers, so our program can continue to grow. Please send an email to lepscreativeworkshops@gmail.com.

How do I contact Creative Workshops?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. You can email us at lepscreativeworkshops@gmail.com.

Creative workshop FAQ (Chinese translation)

Please note: Trybooking fees are non-refundable for change of mind refunds. 

Creative workshop FAQ (Chinese translation)