About the P&C

Through the P&C Association parents may be involved in all aspects of the school, working in partnership with the teaching staff and the Principal to achieve the best possible learning environment for our children. Membership of the P&C Association is open to all parents at the annual cost of $1.00.

Being a member entitles parents to vote on issues raised at P&C meetings, and to hold positions on P&C sub-committees. All P&C positions fall vacant at the AGM which is held on the third Tuesday in February each year.

The effectiveness of the P&C in achieving its objectives is greatly increased by as many members as possible actively participating in the various meetings and functions of the P&C.

The P&C Association meets once a term on a Tuesday at 7.30 pm, in the teachers’ staff room.

The funds raised by the various P&C operations – along with the P&C Voluntary Contribution made by parents at the beginning of the year – are vital in enabling the P&C to fund a number of significant projects.

The P&C can be contacted on president@lepspandc.asn.au

The by-laws of the P&C are here