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Changes To Canteen Opening Days

 Unfortunately the canteen has not been able to attract enough volunteers to maintain a five day a week service this term. Next week, beginning the 8th Feb, the canteen will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday only. Thursday is the senior swimming carnival so seniors will not be at school.
From the following week, beginning the 15th onwards, the canteen will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. If we are able to attract more volunteers we will review the opening days.
The Canteen Team

Canteen volunteers urgently required!

95% of our 530 families use the canteen. Only 16% volunteer.

We are asking those families that use the canteen, and do not currently volunteer, to please contact us at and put your name on the volunteer list.

Just one morning per term, 9am – 2pm will make a difference.

Keep our Canteen open 5 days!

Thank you for your support.