Before and After School Service

We are located in the BASC demountable opposite 139 Tryon Road..

We provide children with breakfast and afternoon tea

Breakfast menu includes, fresh whole meal bread, cereals, milk and water. On alternative days, the children and staff like to cook, pancakes, French toast and scrambled eggs.

Afternoon tea is served between 3:30pm – 4pm. Each meal is served with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Some of the children’s favourite afternoon teas are: Antipasto board, veggie sticks and dips, DIY wraps with fillings, Mini pizzas, pikelets ,popcorn & pretzels.

Opening hours:

07:00am – 09:00am

14:30pm – 18:15pm

Enrolments can be submitted through our website:

Bookings can be made on a casual or full-time basis through FullyBooked. Families eligible for the Child Care Subsidy are eligible for discounted fees.

Mornings: $18.00

Afternoons: $25.00

Children attending Creative Workshops in the mornings and afternoons are more than welcome to attend BASC; our staff walk children to and from their destinations each session.

Vacation care will operate from 25 September to 5 October. The base cost of each day will be $60, with an additional fee for incursions and excursions. Enrolments must be completed before bookings can be made! Planned activities include SeaLife Aquarium and Treetops Adventure! More information to come.