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Field Of Dreams Raffle

Congratulations to the Winner!

The winner of our 2015 raffle was drawn at the Fete on 17 October.

All proceeds of the raffle went towards the Field of Dreams.


We’d like to thank our sponsors!



Lindfield Cricket

Lindfield District Cricket Club has been a great long term partner of LEPS. Based at Tryon Oval our local cricket club in 2008 provided $25k of financial assistance to help build our school practice nets. The club has since utilised the batting enclosure after school during the cricket season and also helps maintain it. Yesterday, to coincide with Education Week, LDCC coordinated a clinic for all interested Year 1 and 2 students at LEPS. Club Stalwart Peter Rezak, along with former Australian cricketer Belinda Robertson, P&C’s Peter Fahy and other LDCC volunteers promoted our national sport through a series of fun, skills activities in the lunch break.



Congratulations to the top Mathletics students at LEPS, Ian S 2CM, Yinkai C 1VW and Sophie A 1RN who all achieved a score greater than 97% of all activities attempted.


Intercultural Understanding Project

Professor Kevin Dunn and Dr Virginia Mapedzahama from the University of Western Sydney’s, School of Social Sciences and Psychology were keynote speakers at last weekend’s City Country Alliance (CCA) meeting in Menindee and Broken Hill. LEPS and 21
other NSW primary, secondary and Central schools will utilise UWS’s expertise to survey, support and evaluate the effectiveness of a collaborative intercultural understanding, student and teacher exchange project over the next 6 years. The project being introduced is informed by the principles of intercultural education espoused in the Australian curriculum and is aimed at improving students’ appreciation of diversity as well as increase their awareness, understanding and empathy towards diverse cultural groups.

This evaluation study will therefore assess the intercultural exchange programme’s success in improving students’ capacity to “value their own cultures, languages and beliefs (i.e. improve cultural confidence), and those of others (i.e. improve sense of
diversity ” through “engaging with diverse cultures in ways that recognise commonalities and difference” – Australian Curriculum.

The City Country Alliance also includes local schools such as Killara HS, Beaumont Rd PS and Masada College as participating partners. The attendance and input of local Members of Parliament, Jonathan O’Dea and Paul Fletcher at the Menindee meeting needs
to be acknowledged.


Education Week Open Day

LEPS opened its doors on Open Day 2015 to showcase some of the many experiences and activities on offer at this great school. There were performances by dance troupes, bands and the choir, tours of the Eco Garden and library and demonstrations of technology, science and PE. Classroom doors were wide open to parents, grandparents
and friends who enjoyed the opportunity to share the children’s learning, before joining them for a leisurely morning tea in the sun.

Teachers and students loved having visitors at the school – our thanks go to all who joined us for this special day. Thank you also to the many parents who helped in variety of ways; with the dance, bands and morning tea, and those who helped in the canteen. The LEPS family is a wonderful community, and it was great to see so many people here yesterday.